Gardner forecasts record turnout

Secretary of State Bill Gardner is predicting a record half million voters will turn out for Tuesday's presidential primary. Gardner is predicting 260,000 residents will vote in the Democratic primary and 240,000 will vote in the Republican primary. He predicts that 150,000 undeclared voters -- who can choose which primary to vote in -- will cast votes. Of those, he thinks 90,000 will choose to vote in the Democratic primary and 60,000 in the Republican.

He predicts that 50,000 New Hampshire residents will register to vote on election day. The previous record of 396,000 voters was set in the 2000 primary.

- The Associated Press

UPDATE: Doing the math ... Gardner is predicting that undeclared voters will cast about 35 percent of the ballots in the Democratic primary and 25 percent of the ballots in the Republican primary. Those are now benchmarks against which to compare the samples in opinion polls. (Overall, he's predicting that 30 percent of the voters will be undeclared voters, 34 percent will be Democrats and 36 percent will be Republicans. And that the undeclared voters will break 60-40 for the Democratic race.)