Fred Thompson's Social Security fix

The Washington Post reports Fred Thompson is the first candidate of either party to offer a detailed plan for making Social Security solvent over the long term.

The details of the plan are here. The two big ones are creating voluntary personal retirement "add on" accounts and adjusting the way future benefits (people over 57 now see no change) are calculated.

Jonathan Martin comments: "In discussing policy, Thompson was in his element. In fact, he appeared to be as happy as he's been at any time during the course of the campaign. . . . He does a poor job feigning interest in the rituals that a modern presidential campaign demands. He'd prefer to talk about substance. Serious, sober and boring substance."

Scott Martelle is less impressed: "How would this plan 'preserve and strengthen' the system? The proposal would seem to do more to help those who can afford to build their own retirement funds than it would to resolve the projected Social Security deficit."