Following the money

Here, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, are the top contributors this cycle to the Democratic and Republican governors associations. This story in last week's Wall Street Journal made clear that the governors groups -- to which individuals may make unlimited donations -- will play an enhanced role in the presidential race, not just in statehouse elections.

The Journal piece is also Exhibit 329 in the case against the campaign finance regime John McCain championed in his last run for president:

Allies of Sen. John McCain have found new loopholes in the campaign-finance law he helped write -- and they're using them to reel in huge contributions to help him compete with Sen. Barack Obama.

In one method, a Republican Party fund aimed at electing governors has started marketing itself as a home for contributions of unlimited size to help Sen. McCain. His 2002 campaign law limits donations to presidential races to try to curtail the influence of wealth.

Perhaps McCain's current run for president, which is forcing him to contend with what he wrought, will persuade him that his critics indeed had a point.