Exactly 527 veterans (or so)

Just how firm are those endorsement lists? Many campaigns send out press releases about supporters: educators backing a candidate, local lawmakers who voice support. Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign touted "527 Veterans for Hillary." But when that list was sent out, it seemed as though not all 527 listed had decided on a candidate.

"I'm still uncommitted. . . . I like all the Democrats," said Murray Loss of Hillsboro. He remembered someone calling and said, "I think I told her I hadn't made up my mind yet."

George Rancourt of Hudson also said he was still deciding: "I've been getting calls from everybody." Rancourt, like several of the other veterans contacted, said he could have authorized the campaign to use his name.

Raymond Johnson of Keene said he was "originally for Hillary" but was now inclined to rank her third behind John Edwards and Barack Obama. "Things change before you vote," he said.

Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand said today that after being re-contacted by campaign staffers, the undecided veterans the Monitor spoke to reconfirmed their support. Strand said that individuals are contacted, asked if they support Clinton and then asked if they'd like to be listed as a supporter.

After speaking to someone from the Clinton campaign, Johnson said, "All I can tell you is I'd go on anybody's list. But I am voting Democratic and all I can say is there are people in this order that I'm leaning towards." First, he said, is Clinton, followed by Edwards and Obama.

Loss, contacted again today, said he's not committed but is leaning toward Obama.

- Sarah Liebowitz