Edwards: This is your choice

John Edwards said if he stands on stage as the Democratic nominee for president to debate Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani or Mike Huckabee next year, his pitch to voters will go like this:

"If you want this war in Iraq to continue, vote for him. He's going to continue the war. I'm going to end the war.

"If you like what you're paying for health care and you're satisfied with what you're paying and the increase in cost and the coverage you get, you should vote for him. He's going to continue the exact same health care system we have today. If you think we need serious health care reform . . . you should vote for me.

"If you want to see more of your tax dollars, more of your money going to tax breaks going for multimillionaires, you should vote for them. That's what they're for. If you want to see tax cuts for the middle class and lower-income families, you should vote for me."

"We're right about this," he said today at a town hall meeting at Concord's Grappone Conference Center. "I don't mean to sound holier than thou, but we're right."

Edwards spent much of the day talking about the North American Free Trade Agreement at events in Concord and Derry. Today marks the 14th anniversary of the signing. Edwards renewed his promise to weigh trade policy by how it affects American workers. Edwards blames NAFTA for the loss of 1 million jobs and accused the 1993 Democratic Congress for bowing to corporate lobbyists in passing it.

- Chelsea Conaboy