Edwards on poverty

In this Washington Post front-page story, former Monitor reporter Alec MacGillis explores John Edwards's emphasis on fighting poverty and some of the criticism of his ideas.

The gist: "Advocates and researchers praise Edwards for focusing on an issue they say too many have shied from over the years. 'It's so refreshing,' said Peter Edelman, a former aide to [Bobby] Kennedy who quit the Clinton administration in protest over its welfare overhaul and now teaches at Georgetown Law School. 'It's a wake-up call for a lot of people in this country.' But Edwards's plan to 'end poverty in 30 years' also underscores the challenges of tackling poverty in the political arena, of the intractability of the problem and of the seeming timelessness of the debates over solving it."

Reaction here with links to other reaction.

UPDATE: Since New Hampshire readers may remember Alec, here is a piece he wrote last month on Mitt Romney's Mormon support. Commentary here.