Cry and (rapid) response

Mike Huckabee has a new rapid-response man. So this editorial gets this reply. But what about this column? Or this blog post? How do you decide which needs an answer first?

A) Huckabee represents compassionate conservatism on steroids. A devout social conservative on issues such as abortion, school prayer, homosexuality and evolution, Huckabee is a populist on economics, a fad-follower on the environment and an all-around do-gooder who believes that the biblical obligation to do "good works" extends to using government -- and your tax dollars -- to bring us closer to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


B) During the 2001 regular session of the Arkansas Legislature, Mike Huckabee supported giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

Incidentally, choice A, a column by Jonah Goldberg, in one sense answers itself: "There's something weird going on when (Ron) Paul, the small-government constitutionalist, is considered the extremist in the Republican Party while Huckabee, the statist, is the lovable underdog. It's even weirder because it's probably true: Huckabee is much closer to the mainstream. And that's what scares me about Huckabee and the mainstream alike." If Goldberg is right, the critics will have Huckabee to kick around for a while. (Plus the Chuck Norris ad has more than 500,000 views already.)

UPDATE: A Washington Post/ABC News poll has Huckabee virtually tied with Mitt Romney in Iowa.