A taxing attack on Huckabee

Along with his recent poll numbers in Iowa, another sign of Mike Huckabee's momentum is the mounting campaign against him. Now comes this minute-plus video clip from May 2003 showing Huckabee, then the governor of Arkansas, listing any number of tax increases he would be willing to sign. Needless to say, this is the stuff of brutal campaign ads.

Byron York examined Huckabee's record two months ago. In the section on taxes, York notes:

The biggest tax increase during Huckabee’s tenure was the sales-tax increase, which went to education, and it began not with Huckabee but with the Arkansas supreme court. In 2002, the court ruled that the state’s system of funding its schools was unconstitutional and ordered the state government to come up with ways to spend more money on education and distribute it more equitably among the state’s school districts. Huckabee had to do something. And with a heavily Democratic legislature, it was a sure bet that more money was going to be raised and spent on schools.

There's more on Huckabee's response to past critiques of his record on taxes here. And the campaign has linked to two bloggers' defense of Huckabee's tax record here.

UPDATE: In other Huckabee news, the Monitor's Melanie Asmar reports the campaign announced 14 endorsements from Southern Baptist ministers and evangelical leaders. In addition to having Chuck Norris on his side, Huckabee, himself a Baptist preacher, now has Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas, one of the biggest churches in North America; Stephen Strang, a Christian magazine founder; and pro-life activists such as Jim Pfaff, president of Colorado Family Action.