A 'Huckabus' for Huckabee

John McCain has the Straight Talk Express. Mitt Romney has the MittMobile. And now Mike Huckabee has the ... Huckabus?

Huckabee is taking a new campaign bus for a spin around Iowa, according to a blast e-mail from the former Arkansas governor himself. There's talk that the Huckabus could come to New Hampshire in the days between the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses and the Jan. 8 primary -- as long as the campaign contributions keep coming.

Huckabee is still fundraising hard and made a plea this week for donations to "keep the 'Huckabus' rolling." In the past two months, Huckabee has seen more money come in, raising $3.2 million online. But that's only about a third of what Mitt Romney, Huckabee's main rival in Iowa, has spent on television ads alone.

Meanwhile, Huckabee's New Hampshire campaign is growing. He now has a campaign office in Concord and has increased his paid staff from three to five and a half. Debra Vanderbeek, Huckabee's New Hampshire campaign manager, jokes that they've "doubled" in size and moved the operation from her basement to a proper office.

- Melanie Asmar
(caricature by Mike Marland)