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Summer guide?

It would be easier to work on this summer issue if it weren't raining. Barbecues just aren't the same in a downpour.

Maybe tomorrow will be warmer, and we can do a little investigative reporting at one of Concord's beaches.


Sorry, Kiwanis-ians!

The Insider that came out today, May 15, has a glitch in the weekly Calendar. The correct hours for the Kiwanis Spring Fair on Saturday are noon to 11 p.m., and on Sunday from noon to 7 p.m.

That's our bad. (By the way, if you spot a member of the Kiwanis while you're at the fair, give them a big pat on the back. They've been working awfully hard, and the fair hasn't even started yet.)


Happy birthday, Jerry!

A big birthday shout-out to the husband of the Insider's breadwinner, Sherri, whose name is Jerry.

Sherri and Jerry.


Signed, The Insiders

The thing is, it was raining

And even though I COULD have ridden my bike to work, it really wouldn't have been fair to you, readers. Here's why: Because obviously my review of the experience would've been tainted by the hypothermia, and also because as a hugely influential member of the media, I might have quelched your own dreams of riding your bikes to work by my negativity.

Do you see why I had to not do it, readers? It was for you, really.


It's hard to practice what you preach

It's all for you, readers: Even when we're at home, we're working. (Insert pat on back here). For example, for our upcoming Get off the Couch issue, which is all about local athletic events and how you, too, can dust off the old sneakers, we are not only doing the research, we're putting our money where ... well, you know the cliche.

Next week we'll run (or crawl) in the Rock N Race, and tomorrow one of us will bike to work, just to give a little shout-out to Bike/Walk to Work Day 2007, which is next Friday.

Attention, Concord grocery shoppers

Hello Insider readers! We're hard at work (well, not yet) on an issue about grocery shopping in Concord for next week.

Like it or not, we all have to buy food, so we thought we'd do a little investigating for you. There are so many stores to choose from, but how to navigate them?

Welcome to our new old website

If you're an Insider website regular

Thanks for remembering my special day

Dear Danielle, Katie, Sherri and Ivy, This morning I take keyboard in hand to thank you publicly for making my 50th birthday the memorable event it was.