The thing is, it was raining

And even though I COULD have ridden my bike to work, it really wouldn't have been fair to you, readers. Here's why: Because obviously my review of the experience would've been tainted by the hypothermia, and also because as a hugely influential member of the media, I might have quelched your own dreams of riding your bikes to work by my negativity.

Do you see why I had to not do it, readers? It was for you, really.


Know what would be awesome?

Dear "The Man":

It would be great if you could spell "wimpy," you tie-wearing oppressor!



Remind me . . .

to fire you when I get into work today. I've had just about enough of your skilled copy-editing. Especially, when it leads you, to insert commas into my copy, for no, apparent reason.


Yeah, Travis. I'd like to see you try.

Go ahead. Call me a wimp. I just may challenge you to a little arm wrestling in return.

The D Stroyer

You know where to find me

I'm not scared of you, you whimpy hippie.


But it's nice out!

Hypothermia? I'm looking outside now and it's gorgeous! Not that I'd accuse you of being a whimp, or anything like that.