These days It was always a bad weather. Since spring is coming, it’s always a depressing and sloppy day. The sullen sky, the damp floor, and the dull air make everyone downhearted. The spring mizzle keeps falling as tears fallingwholesale furniture in my heart. I felt depressed, rage and dysthymic. There were lots of terrible things happening, which made me exhausted, both physically and mentally. Wholesale handbagsThe other night two students fought in the class when I was on duty, though there was nothing serious aftereffect because Furniture Wholesaleof disposal in time, the head teacher Mr Han thought it was all my fault. He blamed me for wholesale clothingnot taking good charge of the class. He even complained about me in front of the leaders of the school. Therefore, the Wholesale jewelryleaders always kept an eye on me, trying to find my fault, and then accusing me of my careless teaching Ceramic tilemanner and unsatisfactory teaching result. What’s more, one afternoon Mr Han satirized me with sharp and vitriolic words. He said I Micro sd cardswas inability of being a good teacher. I felt very wronged. In fact, I have tried my best. Every day I work day and night, preparing for the lesson. I spend all of my free time to tutor the backward students, helping them to improve theirConsumer Electronics levels and abilities. As a teacher, I am kind and friendly to all the students. When they are in blue mood, I try my best to comfort and encourage them, although it costs me a lot of personal time. I throw all my heart and soul, my time and my energy into my job, however, I get no recognition and acceptance from others. Even the Wholesale clothingnaughty students often make mischief on me, since I was not a fearful teacher but with a good temper. Therefore, from the bottom of my heart, I hate everything here. Things went worse when yesterday we had dinner together, Mr Zhao told us that they discussed in their administration meeting whether I would not on duty of Wholesale Jewelryevening study any more, since it’s Mr Han’s suggestion. They doubt about my ability. All the feeling mixed with grievance, sadness and wrath flooded into my heart. I couldn't hold back my tears in my eyes. I ran out of the room, with tears rolling along my cheeks. The colleagues called me, but I didn’t answer them.


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