Looking for some quilters

I started lobbying for a quilting issue awhile back as I like quilting and I figured other people in Concord probably did too. Then my brilliant idea was put on hold until the Fall. An unnamed publisher felt that warm weather and quilts didn't go together. A fair point I suppose, but us die-hard sewers know that only our projects change by the season, not the craft itself. In fact I spent most of Memorial Day sewing a sailboat quilt (I kept the window open so I could enjoy the warm breeze that was blowing pieces of fabric all over the place).

All that rambling just to say I'm looking for several people to feature in our quilting issue. If you're available next week to talk about why you love to quilt and show off some of your work, give me a call! Or, nominate a sewer you know wouldn't call themselves, but should really be in the issue. I'm happy to show up at their door unannounced. If you can help, email me at or call 369-3378.

Also, if you can think of anything I should talk about in the issue, or have anything quilting related you were wondering about, let me know!



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