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We're ignoring our own blog

Okay, so maybe you've noticed that it's been a month since we posted an item in this blog. Guess teasing each other in digital format hasn't turned out to be as much fun as we thought it would. Especially seeing as we sit about five feet apart, and can tease each other whenever we want just by talking.

Anyway, we're all fine. In case you were wondering.


Help the Revelator!

This week, the Revelator needs to know of any restaurants in Concord that have restrooms that aren't strictly for either men or women.

Finding this out on our own would be a LOT of work. So we're hoping you'll with the inside scoop!

The Revelator

Happy birthday to Katie

My co-workers, Insider and Monitor alike, were quite generous today, as you can see by the spread on my desk. I should celebrate my birthday at work more often. In case you're wondering, the vacuum packed cookies were a gag, but they are edible (sort of, so I hear).

Not pictured: a delicious chocolate cake, pudding, whipped cream and chocolate bar concoction that's chilling in the break room refrigerator.

Thanks Cameron, Noelle, Mark, Sherri and Danielle!

Mark's new hobby

You might think I spend all my time in our cubicle, slaving over Insiders.

Not true. Sherri sells more ads when I'm not around, for starters. Danielle, I'd drive crazy if I never left. Katie too, though she's way too polite to say so.

So I needed a hobby. All the logical ones were already taken, so I decided -- despite a complete lack of mechanical experience -- to restore an old Mustang.


Why are you laughing?

Anyway, this is what it looks like. And I'm writing about in a blog. Come visit!

We got mad at Mark today

So we trashed his cubicle.

Why? Because lately, it's all about Mark. Mark this, Mark that. Mark going here, Mark doing something else. What happened to the old days, we asked? Then we got mad.

Does anyone quilt in this weather?

For our upcoming Insider issue on quilting, we're looking for some folks to tell what they love about quilting and maybe even include a few tips for quilters just starting out. If you can help us out, email or call 369-3378.



Looking for some quilters

I started lobbying for a quilting issue awhile back as I like quilting and I figured other people in Concord probably did too. Then my brilliant idea was put on hold until the Fall. An unnamed publisher felt that warm weather and quilts didn't go together. A fair point I suppose, but us die-hard sewers know that only our projects change by the season, not the craft itself. In fact I spent most of Memorial Day sewing a sailboat quilt (I kept the window open so I could enjoy the warm breeze that was blowing pieces of fabric all over the place).

All that rambling just to say I'm looking for several people to feature in our quilting issue. If you're available next week to talk about why you love to quilt and show off some of your work, give me a call! Or, nominate a sewer you know wouldn't call themselves, but should really be in the issue. I'm happy to show up at their door unannounced. If you can help, email me at or call 369-3378.

Also, if you can think of anything I should talk about in the issue, or have anything quilting related you were wondering about, let me know!


This will blow your hair back

There may be some changes in cubicle land, readers. Isn't that exciting?

We are going to rearrange. Maybe we will get more work done that way.

Maybe not. But we can always hope.


p.s. We are registered at all major department stores, if you want to buy us a cubicle warming gift. Or technically, a cubicle rearranging gift. Whatever. We could use a velvet sofa, is all I'm sayin'.

Get me out of here!

Well, it's not that bad. What has made working this Sunday worthwhile were the clouds that lined up like a purple mountain range poking over the treetops, giving me a most delightful view from my cell -- er, cubicle.


It was cold at work today

It's hard to be a fancy pants publisher when you've got a blanket over your head, isn't it?